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Seasoned IT and Accounting Professional with Over 30 Years of Diverse Experience. A Passionate Solopreneur and Tech Blogger, Delivering Expertise Across the IT Spectrum. From Leadership in Technology Projects to Precision in Accounting for Small Enterprises, I Offer Comprehensive and Efficient Solutions.

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Thank you for stopping by my site. Allow me to share a bit about myself. My name is Edy, and I’m a seasoned freelancer with over 30 years of experience in the fields of IT and accounting. My journey began with an accounting Swiss diploma, but my fascination with technology, particularly IT, started in my school days, around the time when personal computers were becoming a household name.

I recall my first encounter with a computer was an Atari, and the capabilities of Microsoft Excel, especially in creating financial statements, captivated me. This combination of my accounting background and a growing interest in technology led me to a career where curiosity is my driving force. This curiosity has always pushed me to understand the workings behind technology and to solve complex problems.

My professional break came when I helped a small legal firm develop their IT infrastructure. As they grew, so did my expertise, and the learning journey has been relentless and rewarding. A few years back, I shifted my focus from large corporations to smaller setups, finding joy in the personal and flexible nature of these environments.

In my home lab, I run a Dell server with VMware Vsphere, hosting various Windows and Linux VMs. This setup includes my own mail server, nameserver, and this website. I’ve even implemented a software-based phone system.

Alongside IT, I continue to offer my expertise in accounting, balancing these two contrasting fields which satisfy different aspects of my professional and personal interests.

As a solopreneur, I’ve also ventured into blogging, running Edy’s Tech Blog, where I share my insights and provide step-by-step tech guidance. My mission is to fill the gaps I’ve noticed in my work and online, aiming to enhance the quality of information available on the web.

Whether your needs are in IT or accounting, small or big, I’m here to help. Let’s start a conversation and work together to find solutions to your challenges!

My recent Blogs

Proxmox vlan config

Proxmox vlan config

Diving into the world of Proxmox to configure VLANs? You’re in the right place. Whether setting up a virtual lab, enhancing security, or streamlining network performance, understanding how to manage VLANs in Proxmox effectively is key. This article will walk you through each step, ensuring you can leverage the full power of VLANs to optimize your network’s efficiency and security.

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Synology DNS server feature

Synology DNS server

Did you know I can do more than store data with my Synology NAS? It offers a powerful DNS server package for free. This feature speeds up my internet and lets me access all my internal devices by name. No more trying to remember or deal with changing IP addresses. 

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Acemagic AX15 Laptop review

Acemagic AX15 review

The ACEMAGIC AX15 is a sleek laptop powered by the latest Intel 12th generation Alder Lake N95 processor. It’s packed with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage M.2, with room to grow thanks to support for a 128GB TF card.

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Beelink SER6 Max

Beelink is known for manufacturing Mini PCs and has established a reputation for offering compact, affordable, and reasonably powerful computers. Their products are often recognized for their small form factor, making them suitable for space-saving setups and light computing tasks.

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Proxmox containers vs vm

Proxmox Containers vs VM

Setting up a server can sometimes feel like navigating through a maze, especially when faced with the containers vs. VMs dilemma. Are you struggling to decide between Proxmox Containers and VMs for your server setup? You’re not alone. Going down this road and pairing that journey with thorough research on the Proxmox platform, I’ve gained some clarity that might be the beacon you need in your setup endeavors.

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Optimize WordPress on Synology

Optimize WordPress on Synology

Welcome back to our journey with WordPress on Synology NAS! If you’ve been with me through my previous guide, “Step by Step Guide on How to Install and Run WordPress on Synology NAS”, you’ve successfully set up WordPress on your Synology device. But that was just the start.

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